Monday, January 17, 2011

Lovely Kisses.


As of yesterday, I have decided to be a lipstick person. I went into london drugs and put on this dark purple and I really liked it! I didn't buy it though (because it was $27.) So instead I got this burgandyish one.

Next week I'm going to this (apparently) amazing thrift store with my friend and while I'm in the area I'm going to go buy some more lipstick (being the lipstick person I am.) Until then here are some lip colors I think are lovely.......

179 Le Rouge L'Wren , Lancome


Hang up shade, M.A.C


Italian Vouge via

Look at me blogging all regularly! Hopefully I can keep it up....


Listen to this:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The tea that wasnt...


Today a couple of my friends and I decided to be sophisticated people and go for tea at a tea house. We go to the first one and its full all day. Then we walk to another one's also full. So we went for sushi and walked around in our fancy clothes instead.

Ended up being a lovely day!
Hope you all had good weekends.