Saturday, July 31, 2010

cherry ice cream smile, I suppose its very nice.


So, as you know I have a lookbook now.
My posts are pretty much going to coordinate with that account.

Shooo, my posts might be a bit shorter for a little bit just cause its summer and im a generally lazy person. But at least im posting, right?

shirt-some hippy store/shorts-Gstage/socks-h&m/shoes-thrifted/bow-f21

Today Im cleaning and organizing my room. Not by choice.
Im going out with Sophie tomorrow to do some vintage and thrift shopping (I think) So ill show you my new finds later.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Do I look weather confused?


I have various news.

I only have one look up right now but more shall follow.

-Im back home

- I got this sweater
- I'm stopping with this stupid one word and a dot titles, they are starting to frustrate me so I'm not going to do them anymore. I'M SO ASSERTIVE.

ERM I actually thought I had way more things to say than this! ohwell
Anyway, here's an outfit.

Sweater, so 80's. Just how I like it.
Ive been buying very black,white and grey things lately so this is good.
And I'm wearing a sweater, and its like 30 degrees.
Yeah so I pretty much want snow.
But still be able to swim in the ocean and lake and it be warm.
It might happen.
Yeah,prolly not.

Monday, July 26, 2010



Still at my G-ma's.

Going back home next week.

One of the reasons I havent been posting as much is because Im not at home, and therefore do not have all my clothing here. Ahhh well.

shirt- some hippy store, shorts-f21,socks-no idea
Pretty simple outfit. Like I said, Im lacking clothing here.
Well thats all for now....

Thursday, July 22, 2010



Once again, long time no see.

I actually have very good reasons for not posting.

I was busy.....
-catching fish

-being awkward at parties

(no picture available, thank goodness)

- coloring dinosaurs

- going to the beach

- thrifting

got these for only 2 dolla!
- watching America's got Talent with my Grandparents (FAMJAM)

- Skyping the rents and friends since I'm away


-making this skirt!

Yes I have made a skirt. One of my summer resolutions was to start making and/or embellishing some clothing. I was pretty into sewing a couple years ago but hadn't done it for awile. My Nana helped me a bit with it but I mostly did it myself. I have lots of other diy ideas that my Nana-pie said she'd help me with so I'm getting pretty pumped!

skirt-made myself/shirt-old navy/vest-thrifted

I shall try and post more.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


DID YOU SEE THE GAME TODAY? WOOHOOO FOR THE NETHERLANDS! At the beginning of the world cup they were not my favorite team, but still pretty high up there. And I must admit, the 1/8th of dutch in me comes out when they play.

This is what my face looked like when they won. If your wondering what emotion that is its happiness. And about the border....yeah ,I dont know how to get rid of it.

AND OOOO look at me being all daily! Today It was pretty warm so I decided to wear a dress. How sweet would this thing look with white docs?

I'll answer for you-SO sweet. Unfortunately I lack said item. Maybe once I start work again in the fall I'll start saving up for some.

dress- GAP, shoes- thrifted

Off to have dinner out pretty soon,

Monday, July 5, 2010



long time no see.

The reason for my absence is quite simple, ITS SUMMER. I really have no perception of time during July and August. And yesterday I looked on the blogspot homepage and said "HEY ITS BEEN A WEEK SINCE I UPDATED AND IVE HAD LOTS OF TIME AND IM SO SILLY LAUGHLAUGHLAUGH"

Anywhoooo so here's an outfit post:

I FINALLY GOT FLORAL LEGGINGS. I was shopping with the ace gang (aka: my grandma and aunt) and I stumbled across these pair in all-mighty winners for 10 bucks! I saw them and a huge smile came across my face and I almost said "YES OH YES HOORAH AND HOORAY" but I decided to just skip across the store to my Grandmas basket instead. I got the shirt from Gap the other week while shopping with Sophie. I made her sit outside the dressing room and judge my clothing choices. THEN WE TRIED IPADS. oh and boy are they fun! I spammed peoples facebook walls saying ``HELLO I'M WRITING ON AN IPAD HAHAHHHAHJSDFKAL``cause I'm cool like dat.
ace gang goes on feildtrip

Please excuse the sillyness of this picture, I'm just trying to show how tan Ive gotten.

shirt-gap, leggings-poof!, shoes-secondhand

See you later!