Friday, July 30, 2010

Do I look weather confused?


I have various news.

I only have one look up right now but more shall follow.

-Im back home

- I got this sweater
- I'm stopping with this stupid one word and a dot titles, they are starting to frustrate me so I'm not going to do them anymore. I'M SO ASSERTIVE.

ERM I actually thought I had way more things to say than this! ohwell
Anyway, here's an outfit.

Sweater, so 80's. Just how I like it.
Ive been buying very black,white and grey things lately so this is good.
And I'm wearing a sweater, and its like 30 degrees.
Yeah so I pretty much want snow.
But still be able to swim in the ocean and lake and it be warm.
It might happen.
Yeah,prolly not.

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