Monday, February 7, 2011

Brat Pack.

"The Brat Pack is a nickname given to a group of young actors and actresses who frequently appeared together in teen-oriented coming-of-age films in the 1980s."

Re-watched a couple movies on the weekend. I've decided I want all of Andy's clothes....and Duckie.
Sorry for this post not being fashion related (But I did say outfit, twice now!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lovely Kisses.


As of yesterday, I have decided to be a lipstick person. I went into london drugs and put on this dark purple and I really liked it! I didn't buy it though (because it was $27.) So instead I got this burgandyish one.

Next week I'm going to this (apparently) amazing thrift store with my friend and while I'm in the area I'm going to go buy some more lipstick (being the lipstick person I am.) Until then here are some lip colors I think are lovely.......

179 Le Rouge L'Wren , Lancome


Hang up shade, M.A.C


Italian Vouge via

Look at me blogging all regularly! Hopefully I can keep it up....


Listen to this:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The tea that wasnt...


Today a couple of my friends and I decided to be sophisticated people and go for tea at a tea house. We go to the first one and its full all day. Then we walk to another one's also full. So we went for sushi and walked around in our fancy clothes instead.

Ended up being a lovely day!
Hope you all had good weekends.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's cold.


Hope you all had a happy holiday doing whatever you do!

I had a good one. Lots of yummy food and family. I also went to this lights festival which was veryvery pretty.

Yesterday I went day-after-boxing-day shopping. I rarely buy new things but I got some good stuff. I got this pair of navy cords,that sweater, this wool head thing,purple tights, blue hat and this other hat. Pretty successful if I do say so myself.

Here's my look for today:

Have a good New Years!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Christmas time in the city...


I'm excited-its almost Christmasssss! I love the holidays. Everyone seems a little happier.
And I really like lights.

Im a lazy person and haven't taken an outfit picture in awhile (I'll try to do it within the next couple days.)

For now here are some wintery photos (from a Japanese photo spread) to make you happy inside:


In other news, I got my nose pierced! It didn't hurt too much and I think I like it.

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where did it go?


So, Winter was finally here. Snow and all. AND NOW ITS GONE! For a week it was snowy and cold and wonderful and now its rainy and mild. Boo. Why did it have to leave? Come back snow, please. I MISS YOU, THE SUN IS STUPID!!!

and...end rant.

On the bright side,with the snow being gone I've been able to dress more for warmer weather.

Here's me dressing like a wannabe hippy:

and here's me dressing like Ally from The Breakfast Club:

And (once again) I apologize for being such a crappy blogger. I have officially put " Be a better blogger you lazy person" onto my term two goals. I'm going to make a schedule- which will hopefully help me blog more. I give you permission to come and throw eggs at my house if I do not start blogging regularly.

Now THATS promise.

Sunday, November 7, 2010



Fall is one of my favorite seasons for fashion. I love all of the heavy knits and the warm colors. Lately, I've been wearing ONLY big sweaters and warm cozy things.


As much as I loveeee Fall, I can't wait for winter. Christmas + Snow (IT WILL SNOW)= amazing. Also, even more layering and knits are in order! I re-found this lookbook picture and it made me feel all happy-wintery.

Here's a photo I took the other day, kind of cold and wintery-no?

might want to enlarge-blogger has been making my photos kinda small lately