Sunday, June 27, 2010



Here's an outfit from awile back I forgot to post.

In the photos where I'm eating.... I'm going to town on some ratatouille that my friend made from home ec. I was only in Home Ec for the first half of the year (and yeah, not the most positive experience.) All the things I made in Home Ec tasted like crap so I always "come in to tell something to my friend" when they have class (since I am in rotation one I have a spare)and take a cookie or something off their plate. If that didn't work then I would just whisper-yell when my friend was passing through the hallway to the kitchen "SAVE ME SOMETHING"
Yeah- so either way I get food.
eating a tub of vegetables by myself

shirt- uo/sweater-f21/shorts-bluenotes/leggings-h&m/shoes-converse
now I am off to have a shower, byebye

Saturday, June 26, 2010



Long time not post! This is going to have nothing/very little to do with fashion (which is what my blog is supposed to be about) but oh wellllll

So the reason I have not been blogging was because I was in salt spring, I just got back on Friday.
I'm going back again this Monday cause my uncle's getting married.

I take so many ferries.

Honestly, ive been on like over 200 in my life. I've probably spent a whole lot of money on them too, considering I buy a teen vogue (unless I go twice in one month, then I buy a different magazine), a pack of mentos and two bags of all dressed chips (ONE ISNT ENOUGH OKAY?.) Ahem, so yes I kind of rock at taking ferries. When I was coming home on Friday I was walking really suppper fast to go get to my FAVORITE seat (right by the gift shop, close to the candy machine- pretty much perfection) and this guy was like "um sorry" cause i kinda sorta bumped into him while I was getting to my seat and then I said "oh I'm sorry" and slowed down a little bit so I didn't look like a complete broomhead and then he said "its okay, you walking way faster than me anyways" and then I laughed awkwardly and sped up again to avoid awkward walking at the same speed silence.

After I got off the ferry my Mumsie picked me up from the ferry and drove me to work and then I worked and then I went to Starbucks with some of my friends. Today I did a garage sale and watched more Degrassi (oh, 80's tv.)

So that is all for now, be back to regular posting soon!


Monday, June 21, 2010


Hello everybody,

As you may have noticed I have not been updating! The reason for this is that I am at my grandmothers and her computer has been at Staples for 8 weeks and therefore is not there so I have no computer access.

I am currently instructing my friend Madison ( over the phone telling her what to type. Once I get back to civilization I will post an actual entry.

I am also currently debating whether I should have grilled cheese or Annie's pasta.

Madison says grilled cheese forever. I agree.


(Madison suggested CLOE OUT but she said it was lame so oh well.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010



This post is ALL ABOUT 80S NIGHT. oh and a littttle bit of school picnic.

Yeah, my friends and I spent our Sunday reliving(except,yknow for the first time) the 80's. TEN YEARS PACKED INTO ONE INSANE DAY. Firstly,We headed off the local Value Village for some 80's attire. Once we were all 80's we headed off to our friend Baylee's softball game. I was clueless part of the time- WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?NO BALLS WERE HIT?!? After watching Baylee ( pitch like a pro we headed off to some parks so people would look at us questioningly. We played tennis, I got super warm in my sweater so I took it off and put madi's jacket on. Baylee and Sophie were standing around like 2/4 of me and the sweater kinda got stuck....public changing at its best! Yeah, I really should have worn an undershirt. ANYWAYS, we then had a mini-photo shoot in Madi's alley. I met a cat named Charlotte, she was verrry nice and were now best friends. Then we ate dinner and then we went to the park and ran around in our p.j's and then we watched Bill and Ted's most excellent adventure and then we tried to watch Back to the Future but the disk was scratched and then we talked and then we went outside to watch the sunrise but we couldn't find it so then I said "THERE WERE FOUR IN THE BED AND THE LITTLE ONE SAID MOVE OVER,MOVE OVER" and then Madison laughed a whole lot and then Madi's dad came out and said we were being too loud and then we said sorry and then we whispered like good children and then we fell asleep and then we woke up 1.5 hours later and then we bused to school for school picnic.
Yeah so we were kind of tired... I was so wiped and I had to put on a play so I chugged a coke since we didn't have time to go to starbucks and I was kind of okay. The bright lights ended up waking me up anyway.
School picnic was super fun. I LOVE SPORTS DAY! Madison, Yasmine and I got 4th place in the beanbag race. My team won tug of war and y'know I umyeahkindacantthrowamedicineball. Then we got our yearbooks and got everyone to sign them. Some of my really great friends are leaving my school so there were tears and such.

Here are some photos from 80's night:

jumping over a fence
playing on the playground


Sophie( being a hottayyy
Sitting on some random car seat that was in the alley

Madison ( posing with a chair

posing in the alley
us acting like cats...
in our p.j's (yes thats a onesie)
watching the sun rise in the front yard
sorry about my generally lame captions....
I might add pictures from school picnic in another post but I think this one is long enough.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I wrote this post last night but then our Internet stopped working because my dad was trying to do something to the wireless..

Today I did absolutely nothing, and it was great. I ate pizza, watched the World Cup (that England-USA tie sucked), layed in bed, read magazines and surfed the internet. Its nice to not feel like you ALWAYS have something to do school wise. I am currently watching more soccer ( GO NIGERIA).

Tomorrow is the 80's sleepover! An epic post will follow the event.

I will obviously not post what I wore today considering my outfit consisted of pajamas. This is the outfit I wore on Monday, after a successful H&M shopping trip.

like my mask? My french teacher told me it was ugly...

dress- H&M/tights-Gstage/shoes-valence brought them back from hong kong/headband-f21

ANNND let's all laugh at my attempt at a pose! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
That's all for now!

Friday, June 11, 2010


I HAVE FINISHED SCHOOL. My last day was today and I'm SUPER HAPPY!
I also have a fun next couple days planned. Tomorrow-UM okay, I have things exciting AFTER tomorrow. Sunday- 80's SLEEPOVER PARTAY WITH MY FRIENDS, its going to be most excellent. Monday- School picnic. Tuesday- Lunch with some friends, one of them i haven't seen in months! Wednesday- off to the island of salts!

AND as promised- I have an outfit picture! I have a bunch from last week so i might have some extra posts in the next couple days.
What I wore today:

I was really stupid and didnt bring running shoes or gym strip. So I ran a mile in my boots.


Yes, that is a soccer ball on my celebration of THE WORLD CUPPPPPP! Who are you rooting for?
Will update soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



I am a baaaad blogger. I have not posted in a loooongg time.

My excuse is pretty much expected- exams and final projects. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Degrassi Junior High (the 80's one.)

I don't have too much more to do now:

Math- Final Exam on Thursday
Socials- NOTHING
French- Presentation tomorrow
Art- Final project due Thursday
Science- NOTHING
English- That poem thing due tomorrow

If you look at Sophie's blog ( ) she has WAY more to do. Compared to her I have it easy. I also stole the "write all your subjects and then put a dash and then put whats due" idea from her.

I know this is a horrible post and I'm sorry! On Thursday or Friday I will to have an outfit picture up.


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Post I wrote awhile ago but forgot to publish:


These pictures are actually from Friday-My Internet was down so I didn't get a chance to upload them.

I got to play hooky on Friday to help with my old elem entry school's sports day. AND DEN I went to the daycare where I work at and well,worked.

shorts-f21/belt-f21/shirt-some random outlet store/sweater-madi's/shoes-converse

So, a pretty basic outfit.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello again!

Two posts once again.

These are some Spring 2010/prefall 2010 looks I like. All images from

Band of Outsiders

United Bamboo


Miu Miu

karl Lagerfeld
House of Holland

comme des garcon

Christian Dior

Betsey Johnson

Antonio Berardi