Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hello again!

This is what I wore today. My friend told me my necklace reminded her of lord of the rings. My Mumsie took these, because (gahhh) part of my tripod is still at my grandma's.

I decided to give some effort and edit these a little bit. I just used picnik.

The record was already broken and came in my Oliver record sleeve, it wasn't actually supposed to be there- Its a poetry reading.

oh nuuuuuu- I just came back from the kitchen. I offered to make dinner tonight. I forgot that my intricate dish of premade chicken wings were in the oven. Whoops. I really need to work on my cooking.
Luckily you have Home ec you say?
HAHA- funny story. Been there done that. Home EC and I didn't agree all that much. I have a C to my name to prove it.
I could go on forever about Home EC and I`s complicated relationship, but I wont.
so this is my outfit and I now have to go make dinner again.
AND my parents will nevvver know I am not capable of making chicken wings.
skirt-off the wall...tights- teacher`s bin...chain-f21