Saturday, June 26, 2010



Long time not post! This is going to have nothing/very little to do with fashion (which is what my blog is supposed to be about) but oh wellllll

So the reason I have not been blogging was because I was in salt spring, I just got back on Friday.
I'm going back again this Monday cause my uncle's getting married.

I take so many ferries.

Honestly, ive been on like over 200 in my life. I've probably spent a whole lot of money on them too, considering I buy a teen vogue (unless I go twice in one month, then I buy a different magazine), a pack of mentos and two bags of all dressed chips (ONE ISNT ENOUGH OKAY?.) Ahem, so yes I kind of rock at taking ferries. When I was coming home on Friday I was walking really suppper fast to go get to my FAVORITE seat (right by the gift shop, close to the candy machine- pretty much perfection) and this guy was like "um sorry" cause i kinda sorta bumped into him while I was getting to my seat and then I said "oh I'm sorry" and slowed down a little bit so I didn't look like a complete broomhead and then he said "its okay, you walking way faster than me anyways" and then I laughed awkwardly and sped up again to avoid awkward walking at the same speed silence.

After I got off the ferry my Mumsie picked me up from the ferry and drove me to work and then I worked and then I went to Starbucks with some of my friends. Today I did a garage sale and watched more Degrassi (oh, 80's tv.)

So that is all for now, be back to regular posting soon!


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