Saturday, June 12, 2010


I wrote this post last night but then our Internet stopped working because my dad was trying to do something to the wireless..

Today I did absolutely nothing, and it was great. I ate pizza, watched the World Cup (that England-USA tie sucked), layed in bed, read magazines and surfed the internet. Its nice to not feel like you ALWAYS have something to do school wise. I am currently watching more soccer ( GO NIGERIA).

Tomorrow is the 80's sleepover! An epic post will follow the event.

I will obviously not post what I wore today considering my outfit consisted of pajamas. This is the outfit I wore on Monday, after a successful H&M shopping trip.

like my mask? My french teacher told me it was ugly...

dress- H&M/tights-Gstage/shoes-valence brought them back from hong kong/headband-f21

ANNND let's all laugh at my attempt at a pose! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
That's all for now!

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