Thursday, June 3, 2010



My day was overall pretty great.

The only downside was the two tests I had but, at least their over and done with. While were on the topic of school- ITS ALMOST OVER! I will be done grade 8 in about a week. THAT'S CRAYZAY! Maybe I'll be super sappy and write a blog post on what my first year of high school has taught me.....

SOOOO today I wore this, pretty basic. Other than the sweater, not so basic.

Just flying.
Ah, swings.
My friends Baylee,Sophie, Yasmin, Kendra and I made pictures like this one and hung them around the school to make it more bright and cheerful.
I figured out how to use slow shutter on my camera and was experimenting.
More slow shutter.
All the pictures were taken by me, other than the ones of me. Those were either taken by Sophie,Baylee,Yasmin,Madi or Valence.
I think I need a catch phrase or something to say instead of BYE at the end of my posts. Its kind of abrupt and boring. Anyone have any ideas?
OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO GUESS WHAT? I have 7 followers! I know this may seem like a small number, but its big to me :) and I just want to say thanks to everyone who subscribes and/or reads my blog.
And I have to put the dots in between my thoughts because (once again) blogspot is not letting me use enter after my pictures, it will let me when I'm composing it- but it wont show on the actual post. Does anyone know why this is?
AND (sorry i have various thoughts) please look at this video: ITS FUNNAYYYY
So, BYE since I'm boring and abrupt.
shirt-f21 shoes-Valence brought them back from hong kong tights-g-stage skirt-off the wall