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This post is ALL ABOUT 80S NIGHT. oh and a littttle bit of school picnic.

Yeah, my friends and I spent our Sunday reliving(except,yknow for the first time) the 80's. TEN YEARS PACKED INTO ONE INSANE DAY. Firstly,We headed off the local Value Village for some 80's attire. Once we were all 80's we headed off to our friend Baylee's softball game. I was clueless part of the time- WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?NO BALLS WERE HIT?!? After watching Baylee ( pitch like a pro we headed off to some parks so people would look at us questioningly. We played tennis, I got super warm in my sweater so I took it off and put madi's jacket on. Baylee and Sophie were standing around like 2/4 of me and the sweater kinda got stuck....public changing at its best! Yeah, I really should have worn an undershirt. ANYWAYS, we then had a mini-photo shoot in Madi's alley. I met a cat named Charlotte, she was verrry nice and were now best friends. Then we ate dinner and then we went to the park and ran around in our p.j's and then we watched Bill and Ted's most excellent adventure and then we tried to watch Back to the Future but the disk was scratched and then we talked and then we went outside to watch the sunrise but we couldn't find it so then I said "THERE WERE FOUR IN THE BED AND THE LITTLE ONE SAID MOVE OVER,MOVE OVER" and then Madison laughed a whole lot and then Madi's dad came out and said we were being too loud and then we said sorry and then we whispered like good children and then we fell asleep and then we woke up 1.5 hours later and then we bused to school for school picnic.
Yeah so we were kind of tired... I was so wiped and I had to put on a play so I chugged a coke since we didn't have time to go to starbucks and I was kind of okay. The bright lights ended up waking me up anyway.
School picnic was super fun. I LOVE SPORTS DAY! Madison, Yasmine and I got 4th place in the beanbag race. My team won tug of war and y'know I umyeahkindacantthrowamedicineball. Then we got our yearbooks and got everyone to sign them. Some of my really great friends are leaving my school so there were tears and such.

Here are some photos from 80's night:

jumping over a fence
playing on the playground


Sophie(http://sophieallegra.blogspot.com/) being a hottayyy
Sitting on some random car seat that was in the alley

Madison (http://sheepweekly.blogspot.com/) posing with a chair

posing in the alley
us acting like cats...
in our p.j's (yes thats a onesie)
watching the sun rise in the front yard
sorry about my generally lame captions....
I might add pictures from school picnic in another post but I think this one is long enough.

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