Sunday, June 27, 2010



Here's an outfit from awile back I forgot to post.

In the photos where I'm eating.... I'm going to town on some ratatouille that my friend made from home ec. I was only in Home Ec for the first half of the year (and yeah, not the most positive experience.) All the things I made in Home Ec tasted like crap so I always "come in to tell something to my friend" when they have class (since I am in rotation one I have a spare)and take a cookie or something off their plate. If that didn't work then I would just whisper-yell when my friend was passing through the hallway to the kitchen "SAVE ME SOMETHING"
Yeah- so either way I get food.
eating a tub of vegetables by myself

shirt- uo/sweater-f21/shorts-bluenotes/leggings-h&m/shoes-converse
now I am off to have a shower, byebye


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