Monday, July 26, 2010



Still at my G-ma's.

Going back home next week.

One of the reasons I havent been posting as much is because Im not at home, and therefore do not have all my clothing here. Ahhh well.

shirt- some hippy store, shorts-f21,socks-no idea
Pretty simple outfit. Like I said, Im lacking clothing here.
Well thats all for now....


  1. NICE SHORTS LADY-FACE! my sister has the same ones!
    BTDUB, didja straighten yer hair?! Looks most savoury!

  2. THANKS SOPHIE! omigorsh your sista has really good taste in shorts.
    MHMHMHM my auntie straigtened it the day before. It kinda started to curl that day- IT WAS LIKE PIN STRAIGHT WHEN SHE DID IT AND SUPA LONG. Unfortunatly, I had to brush it to do so (I WAS ON A 3 WEEK STREAK.)
    AND SOPHIEPIE, im coming home on friday and WE GOTSTA HANG!