Tuesday, July 6, 2010


DID YOU SEE THE GAME TODAY? WOOHOOO FOR THE NETHERLANDS! At the beginning of the world cup they were not my favorite team, but still pretty high up there. And I must admit, the 1/8th of dutch in me comes out when they play.

This is what my face looked like when they won. If your wondering what emotion that is its happiness. And about the border....yeah ,I dont know how to get rid of it.

AND OOOO look at me being all daily! Today It was pretty warm so I decided to wear a dress. How sweet would this thing look with white docs?

I'll answer for you-SO sweet. Unfortunately I lack said item. Maybe once I start work again in the fall I'll start saving up for some.

dress- GAP, shoes- thrifted

Off to have dinner out pretty soon,


  1. loove the shoes! they're absolutely adorable!

  2. My favourite pictures are the ones of you on the bench beside the cage. Sooo good.

    From Baylee who cant log on to her account xD

  3. Your dress is perfectly casual for summer! And cute pic :D congratulations netherlands!

  4. i love your dress and shoes :) perfect and simple for the summer