Thursday, July 22, 2010



Once again, long time no see.

I actually have very good reasons for not posting.

I was busy.....
-catching fish

-being awkward at parties

(no picture available, thank goodness)

- coloring dinosaurs

- going to the beach

- thrifting

got these for only 2 dolla!
- watching America's got Talent with my Grandparents (FAMJAM)

- Skyping the rents and friends since I'm away


-making this skirt!

Yes I have made a skirt. One of my summer resolutions was to start making and/or embellishing some clothing. I was pretty into sewing a couple years ago but hadn't done it for awile. My Nana helped me a bit with it but I mostly did it myself. I have lots of other diy ideas that my Nana-pie said she'd help me with so I'm getting pretty pumped!

skirt-made myself/shirt-old navy/vest-thrifted

I shall try and post more.

1 comment:

  1. wow
    i have always wanted to make my own clothes
    so far i have only added stuff and fixed it :P