Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long time no see...again


Remember when I told you I was going to be better at blogging like....2 weeks ago?
I even promised.

Well now I'm telling you I'm a liar.
Sorry about that.
Homework has decided to eat me and Amercia's Next Top Model has started (along with a bunch of other embarrassing TV shows I watch.)
Oh and Grey's Anatomy starts tonight!
And I think Law and Order SVU starts soon as well...
I'm TV overbooking myself.
BUTTTT I am going to start blogging more now.
Actually this time.


Here's an update on the last...two weeks.

As I said, Ive been watching America's Next Top Model! My favorite is Ann, I'm happy she's doing so well! I liked Rhianna during the casting but after that she was kind of...meh. I like Kayla and Chris as well. Who are your favorites?

I've been going to school. woot. Its not too bad, actually. I just really hate math. With a passion.
I have a pro-d on Monday though and I'm going to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant to celebrate.

Yeah, that's basically it.

Here are my looks from the past little bit:

Thanks for reading!
I dont think I ever posted my or my friends lookbooks.... I might have-sorry If I did already.

Madi's :

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