Monday, August 16, 2010


This is my back to school list.

Yes, I am already thinking about back to school. I'm actually looking forward to it.

This list is mostly clothing but I'm also looking forward to getting some funky school supplies.

Also (as lame as this may seem) with a new school year comes new goals. I really want to start being organised with school, start volunteering more ( I'm trying to find some type of once a week organization I can volunteer for), start exercising more, start sewing more ( I made a skirt, thats a start!) and being more daring clothing wise.

So here is my wish list. I doubt I will get all this but, its fun to drool.......

Some more bows. I only have one but, I wear it all the time


High heels. I like these. I think I will actually buy these. And I will wear them to school. And people will look up at me even more than usual.


nuff said

A Poncho. I think they re perfect for fall. One with more room than this one though, it seems like the model cant really move....


Funny/Useful books.


A lacy shirt.


An umbrella. I think this one is so cool. I possibly think this because I am directionally challenged and have issues getting places. But then again, I suck at reading maps too. ohwell. I have my eye on this rocket ship one at a dollar store. If they still have it ill get that one.


A raincoat. Can you tell I live in a rainy city? Possibly a longer one than this, maybe with a hood. I realllllllly like the color of this one though.


Some kick-ass tights. Tye-dye fitting into that category quite well.

tights-we love colors

A jean jacket. Possibly various so we can BEDAZZLE SOME UP FOR THE PARTAY WAGON

Jean jacket-UO
A bowler hat.

hat-urban outfitters

Something sequined. I really like this sweater because its still casual but OMNOMNOMNOMSPARKLES.


A baseball jacket. But possibly not for $250. Ill go on a hunt for one next time I'm in a thrift or vintage store.

A blouse like this. In brown though, to go with that skirt I have.

shirt-Massimo Alba

Clogs. Still. Little bit late on the bandwagon, I know.


Polka Dot shorts like the ones Juliette ( ) is wearing in her look. Doesn't say where there from but IM DETERMINED TO FIND SOME.

A ruffly skirt. This one from topshop is omnomnomnom.


Lace socks. I like dem erry much.


Moccasins. Possibly in a lower style than these ones though.

moccasins- minnetonka moccasins
Im going on a vintage shop with my friends Baylee ( Sophie ( and Madison ( so hopefully Ill find some cool stuff then!

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