Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vintage sale.


Here's a quick post of what I bought at the vintage sale today...

I actually got this sweater a couple days ago when I went thrifting with Madi. ITS SO FRESH PRICE OF BEL AIR!!! for four dolla

Got this sweater at the sale, for only 3 dollars!

Got these boots at the sale today! More peter pan looking in real life. They were only 5 bucks!

Got these shorts at the sale too (actually I got everything at the sale except my FPOBA sweater so imma stop saying that.) They were only one dollar!

Just some jean shorts. One dollar.

HIGH WASTED PINK SHORTS! This picture doesn't do them must justice, they are quite cool. ONE DOLLAR


Got this for 3 dollars. I think Ill raise the hem a bit though.

HAHAHHA! A WHITE LEATHER JACKET WITH FRINGE. does it get any better? 5 dollars!

A CAPE. 5 dollars!
I also got a pair of loafer heels.
okay, bragging done.

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  1. woaaa those are such cool finds! the cape and the pink shorts are my faves, but theyre all amazing, nice blog!