Sunday, August 1, 2010

I give you big pizza you give me big smile


Today I went vintage shopping with my friend Sophie. A bunch of the stores we went to were having sales so dat was PERDY COOL.
what Sophie ( ) wore:

This is what I wore:

shirt-f21/shorts-bluenotes/sunglass-free bin at garage sale/vest-thrifted

What i bought:

Got this shirt from Mintage Vintage. Seems to be from 1969, when there was that baseball thing. It was on the five dollar rack, whatta deal!

Got this dress from little miss vintage. They were having a 50% sale so it was only $15. I like that in little miss vintage it tells you what era its from ,this is from the 80's. I think ill raise the hem a little bit.

Got these shorts from little miss vintage. Like I said they were having a 50% sale so these were only $9.

Got this shirt from Pink Elephant Vintage for $15. I was in search of a wolf shirt so this pleases me. Please excuse the awkward pose, I wasn't wearing pants.

Got this shirt from front and company. There having a big vintage rummage sale right now so everything is super cheap. I got this for $8.

SOPHIE gave me this. Isnt it purdy?

She also gave me these super funky bangles which I'm looking forward to wearing.
Pretty successful and fun day!

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