Friday, May 28, 2010



Today it was a little bit chilly.

And I -being a generally unobservant person- did not look out the window before I left the house . So I -being the generally unobservant person I am- was kind of cold today.

ANYWHOOOO, I just got this romper from forever21 and am liking it. I rarely wear shorts this short so its kind of a change for me.

romper and sweatshirt- forever21/shoes-converse
And meet my cat Sammy! He's made his first appearance to my blog.
As you can see he loves me a whole lot.
My legs are quite scratched up from all the tree climbing I have been doing. It kind of adds to the whole ``I'm so chill in my sweatshirt and overalls and imma go play baseball with the boys`` look.
And photo cred to my Mumsie!
Sorry about my various thoughts. There are all those dots because when I pressed enter (attempting to seperate my thoughts) and published my post- it didnt seperate.It was all one glob of unrelated sentances- which wouldnt do!
ANYWHOO (again) enjoy your weekends!

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