Sunday, May 30, 2010


Some things I want.........

A pair of floral leggings. I have wanted some for awhile now. These are from Topshop. I will not be getting these because they are about $40 Canadian and with shipping they would be ALOTOFMONEYS. I will be keeping my eye out for some though!

A pair of patched jeans. I think I might try and make some myself! These are from the Chloe 2010 spring collection.

A lacy tank or shirt. This one from forever21 is sheer and would be great for layering.

Opi lilac nail polish. This one is called Done out in Deco.

Thigh-high socks. I have quite a few pairs of knee highs but I like the look of thigh high ones. These are from american apparel. I usually wouldn't buy 17 dollar socks but I like these allot and there the only thigh highs Ive been able to find.

THE MULBERRY BAG. *drools* The bayswater bag is the epitome of awesome. Unfortunately the 700 dollar price tag is WAY out of my price range. But a girl can dream.......

A Blazer. I already have a cottony one but I'd like a "chic" black one. I will probably just go find one at a thrift store for like 10 bucks and take it in if necessary. This photo is from "so super sam" 's blog ( because its not possible to copy Zara's pictures. I like the way she styled it. Blazers are so versatile - IDEAS ARE FLOWING.

Boyfriend Jeans! I wear my Dad's jeans around the house sometimes. I probably look really ridiculous considering he's 6'7. So yes- boyfriend jeans that fit. I like these from the Gap.


- Some dotty tights (because mine have a HUGE hole in an unfortunate,uncomfortable place.)

- those shorts that are kind of poofy, kind of safari like- but kinda not.... I found some at winners a couple weeks ago but they didn't have them in my size.

- a leather jacket. I have one that my mom gave me, it was her`s in the 80`s. It`s really big. I don't know why it`s really big considering she`s a petite 5`3 woman and always has been. Except when she was a baby and a kid cause then she wasn't a woman she was a baby and a kid and not 5`3. ANYWAYS, a more fitted one would be nice.

-Some more sunglasses, I lost my favorite pair that I got from a free bin at a garage sale. *unhappy face*

oh, and the list could go on. There`s lotsta cool stuff out there! My birthdays coming soon(ish) so maybe a magical elf will give me one or two things. And I get my cheque tomorrow too, so I could always treat myself.

AND BY DA WAY, this is a wish list so its not like I'm expecting all these things anyway.

I also want to get back into sewing this summer. Im always complaining that there this thing in my mind that I know I want but cant find. SOOO I could just make it! I`ve sewn I couple dresses, but haven't tried it for awhile. Hopefully I can still do it!

Thanks for reading,
*I don't own any of these photos

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