Monday, May 31, 2010


Hello There!

I had a pretty good day today.

It consisted of...

A jello ocean.

Totem pole making..
"Why are you taking a picture of me" faces
Groovy dancing.


Getting pumped for the world cup!
I'd like you to meet three of my lovely friends, who also blog.

Madison (I told you she's lovely)
Madi writes a blog called Sheep Weekly ( ) .She writes about current events,recipes and anything interesting she finds. SO GO OVER TO HER BLOG,its fabulous


Sophie writes a blog called Deadly Nightshade ( I think, I don't really know cause the header changed) ( ) .

Sophie's blog is about pretty much everything. You'll find posts about everything from Glee to her life. Go and check out her blog and I'll give you a cupcake. promise.


Baylee writes a blog called Daily Baylee ( )
Baylee writes about her life and random things she wants to! One worth visiting!

If you visit Baylee AND Sophie`s blog ill give you three cupcakes. EXTRA CUPCAKE

And I'm now adding a cupcake deal with Madi`s its fair. SO SIX CUPCAKE, cause don`t forget! There`s a bonus offer going on right now.
Considering the only followers I have are you three, I dont know how many cupcakes i`ll be giving out.........

And a mini outfit post:

shirt-thrifted .. boots- my friends dads basement .. tights-ardéne`s .. bow-f21
Woah! That was a full post!
Thanks for reading,

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