Saturday, May 29, 2010



I have decided to make a vlog......

HERE IT IS: (would not upload to youtube but will post it here when it works)

I tried to just upload it to my page but it was taking a REALLY LONG TIME. As in I left the computer alone for three hours and it still wasnt finished.

Im also adding a quick outfit picture. Pretty casual today because the highlight of my day was dentists were drilling at my teeth and I had to be comfortable in the chair for HOURS ON END. Maybe only one, but still....

I didnt really like my face in this picture so I covered it with a gingerbread cookie- because who doesn't like gingerbread men?

And theres also a closer look at my ring since the video wasnt focusing.

shirt,sweater,ring-f21/boots-second hand/jeans-mom's friends daughter or something...

AND I have a new header! I know the editing is kind of bad- picnik doodle makes it hard to outline anything perfectly. But I think I like it so maybe I can take more time with another editing program and make it better.

Thanks for watching/reading!



  1. OOOH! how you do dat header, foo?

  2. Easy ma' friend!

    I just started out with the picture in picnik and then I outlined it with doodle and filled in all the spaces I wanted white with it. Then I added a text box and put in my blog title.